Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate is a quarterly event which brings together comedians and scientists to debate serious issues in a ridiculous way. Proceedings are loosely held together by your definitely qualified host, Alanta Colley (citation needed). Sci Fight has been described as a nerdy, silly, and only occasionally litigious romp into what it even means to be alive. By Alanta. Just now. 


Sci Fight was founded by comedians and science communicators Alanta Colley and Tom Lang in 2017, and while it normally resides in Melbourne likes to accost other states on an annual basis; having toured nationally to Questacon in Canberra, Giant Dwarf in Sydney, the Newcastle Museum, the Science Exchange in Adelaide, and the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. Sci Fight has trampled on the nuanced disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and technology with such informative topics as 'Love is a chemical', 'Seeing is believing', 'We should bring back the dinosaurs' and 'Humans are worth saving'. Sci Fight has worked in partnership with Werribee Zoo, the Science Gallery Melbourne, Laborastory, Nerd Nite, and other excellent folk. 


Former Sci Fighters include comedians such as Tegan Higginbotham, Toby Halligan, Damien Callinan, Pam Rana, Liam Ryan, Andy Matthews, and Ben McKenzie, writers such as Elizabeth Flux, James Colley, Alicia Sometimes and Ben Mcleay, and scientists such as Tanya Ha, ABC Weatherman Nate Byrne, Mars 1 candidate Josh Richards and many, many more. Most participants still even speak to each other afterwards!